Insulation Services

Blue pacific drywall has been providing services since last 2 decades in the areas of Lower Mainland, Regina & Moose Jaw and Saskatchewan. We are the insulation contractor of choice for providing services from small renovations to multi-level, multi-unit projects .

Insulation is a vital component in maintaining thermal indoor comfort, energy efficiency and acoustics. We at Blue Pacific specialize in Batt, Blown, Blanket and Spray Foam applications that can optimize in-door temperatures and lower utility costs. Contact us today to discuss the best insulation options for your next project.

Attic Insulation: When you think of an attic, you usually envision a small space that is dark, musty, and an area used mainly for storage. Some homeowners have thought about converting this space into an extra bedroom or hobby room; but if you want this space to work for you, having it insulated is the right decision. Building a house is not as simple as constructing four walls and laying brick around it. Many design features are built into the layout to improve efficiency and protect the inside while keeping outside elements from coming in. At Blue Pacific Drywall, attic insulation isn’t just about adding or removing insulation. The attic and roof cavity are considered a “system” – and that means blocking airflow (the air barrier), stopping moisture from gathering (the vapor barrier), and ensuring appropriate levels of ventilation and air circulation. In short, the “system” gets properly sealed, properly insulated, and properly ventilated. Crawlspaces and attics are not just "dead space". They serve important functions in the overall livability of the home. Unrestricted airflow and unintended moisture can result from faulty and non-functioning attic insulation and can cause a variety of efficiency and quality of life problems for homeowners. Attics and crawlspaces that are not maintained will end up costing more in the short and long term. On every project, Avis installers work to code, without taking any shortcuts, and following the manufacturer’s product specifications. The job is done right from the start.

Insulation Removal: 

Insulation removal is not uncommon during a renovation project or a retrofit. And while many homeowners opt to install new insulation right on top of the old insulation, complete removal is highly recommend during a retrofit, so that the insulation can be upgraded. Whatever the reason, it’s absolutely critical to expedite insulation removal in a professional manner – it has to be done safely, using the proper tools and equipment, and without disturbing residents. The process of insulation removal is a “clean-up” procedure that must be done right. At Blue Pacific Drywall, trained crews remove insulation in a highly professional way. They use specialized “vacuum” equipment; they discard waste through an exterior disposal method, and they leave no debris. This is the right way to expedite insulation removal. It allows for disposal of anything harmful, and it properly sets the stage for brand new insulation to be installed. With insulation removal, it’s worth doing right the first time – it ensures the best possible conditions for sealing the space, installing new product, and creating ventilation.

Spray Foam Insulation: Spray Foam insulation is significantly better than any other type of insulation at reducing air leakage. Our experts will assist you to identify the need of open cell or closed cell foam depending on the application it is being used for in your home or building. So if you want to get started on not only making your home feel much more comfortable, but also saving a great deal on your energy bills, then why not contact your trusted insulation installers today! For
homeowners considering spray foam insulation for an upcoming home project, a few things are worth considering: project budget and long-term value; product options and installation; and choice of insulation contractor. This is where being well informed can be valuable, since project decisions will be integral to success. With spray foam insulation, every contractor will emphasize that they provide the “best” install. At the same time, every manufacturer will emphasize that they have the “best” product.

 Blown-in Insulation: 

One of our available options for insulation includes what is known as blown-in insulation. It is commonly used to insulate existing areas of a home by using various types of inexpensive materials. Examples of such materials include fiberglass, mineral wool and cellulose. Blown in insulation is commonly available in either a cellulose composition, or fiberglass. Quite an effective option in the attic and/or roof cavity, both products provide comparable R-Value where installed. While the cellulose product is known to provide somewhat higher R-Values, it also tends to settle after time. Clearly, each of the product compositions come with attributes – but importantly, it’s the professional installation that will assure optimal long-term performance. Once installed, blown in insulation can noticeably improve energy efficiency. In a vast space like the attic, product coverage is comprehensive, and most cracks and crevices are effectively filled. With the right professional equipment, installing blown in insulation is quick, particularly when it’s compared with other installs. This makes for project savings, and a cost-effective installation.