Drywall - Level 5 Finish

A level five finish refers to drywall that has been taped, first and second coated, and sanded lightly to remove tool marks before applying a thin skim coat to the entire surface including the seams and field. The skim coat is sanded lightly and checked with a halogen light to look for any imperfections. Blue pacific drywall specializes in Level 5 finish.

Ceilings that are finished smooth will always require a level five finish. In areas of critical lighting a level five finish is absolutely necessary. Critical lighting may include side-lighting from fixtures or windows. If using high gloss paint it is highly recommended to use a level five finish.

We provide professional drywall & taping for commercial and residential projects. We properly inspect the framing and measurements to ensure maximum fit and precision. Our Services. With a complete lineup and use in innovative products and with our technical support teams and smart tools we can meet any designs and or specification on complex projects.

We deliver projects on time and within the budget. Our dedicated team keeps the site clean as well as organized promoting employee safety along with professionalism.

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Types of Drywall : Several kinds of drywall are available for drywall installation  projects as well as plastering and soundproofing services. Drywall is available in standard drywall, waterproof drywall, bullet-proof drywall and in such thicknesses as ¼ inch, ½ inch or 5/8 inch. The standard or most common size of drywall is a 4 x 8 foot sheet. However, drywall is frequently used that is 4’ x 10’, 4’ x 12’ and 4’ x 14’ in size. The long edges of a drywall installation are tapered ever so slightly to assist in the finishing process. 

Drywall panels come in standard widths: 48 inches by 96 inches and in varying lengths and thickness. Each of these has unique properties and are designed for specific purposes.

Drywall Installation : In any new construction, drywall installation includes hanging the drywall on wall studs. If the project is a remodel, then the drywall or “sheet-rock” can be hung over any kind of flat surface, including cinder block walls, existing wall coverings or masonry. This can be done as long as furring strips are initially installed.

Why Choose Us : Many major construction supply stores run ads that make it seem like installing drywall yourself is simple. Do not be fooled, however, as these retailers prey on your inexperience. As you all know, when you buy materials in small quantities, you pay the retail price. 

Secondly, quality tools are expensive. Even if you rent them through a tool library, costs will add up by the time your project is seen through.

Finally, knowledge and experience are truly priceless. Professionals spend countless hours perfecting their trade, and time and time again the difference truly shows.