26 Aug

Before we start to renovate or put the drywall, at first our staff inspect the house or basement or where ever we are going to start our work.

At first we cover the floor with black tape or sheet so that the dust could not effect on it.

After that, we check what type of job we have to do over here and we suggest as well that what would be the best for the customer.

Once we inspect we make list that what types of equipment we will need for our job, which material would be needed.

We check that what is missing and also click the pictures of the plugs to remember so that we can mark and make the the space for the plugs after putting the drywall.

After completing, one of our staff member re-check it if something has left.

We provide our best services to our clients as we have the professional and experienced staff.

We guarantee 0% damage and level-5 finishing.

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